January 2023

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TheOnsiteManager.com.au have just signed a new deal with LittleHinges to unlock MASSIVE savings on photography packages. We can now offer a Virtual Tour, Floor Plan and 8 Still images for *JUST* $220+GST. A huge reduction from the $320+GST that was previously available. Book your virtual tour, floorplan and photoshoot here: https://theonsitemanager.typeform.com/to/fZGAdJ6b I am frequently getting calls from managers telling me they ran a 15 minute open on a 2 bedroom unit and 47 people showed up to inspect it. Cut through the time wasters, and cut down on the number of people showing up at your open homes – with a virtual tour prospects can take theirRead More →

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I guess I should start this month’s massive with a welcome to 2023. Doesn’t seem that long ago that we were stressing about the Y2K bug and now here we are, 23 years later. For those of you too young to remember, the bug was essentially a “the sky is falling” event predicated on an expectation that computers worldwide would be unable to cope with the year 2000 due to recognition software that only identified the last 2 numbers in a year. The fear was that 2000 and 1900 would be indistinguishable to computer systems and all hell would break loose. The global spend toRead More →

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While market pressures have pinned Queensland vacancy rates down during 2022, REIQ data released today shows the year has ended with a slight uplift across the state. Of the 50 local government areas and sub regions covered in the REIQ’s Residential Vacancy Rate Report for the December 2022 Quarter, 43 experienced a vacancy rate rise compared to the previous quarter, while the remaining seven were static. The state-wide vacancy rate rose from 0.6 per cent in the September quarter to 0.8 per cent to close the year, at an improved yet still critically low rate. REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella welcomed the momentary relief but saidRead More →

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How bushfires may shape Australian housing design The devastation caused by bushfires have become a regular, unfortunate part of the Australian climate. Communities impacted watch (somewhat helplessly) as their properties, wildlife and vegetation are engulfed by flames. It’s unlikely bushfires are going to stop anytime soon, but with the intensity of them increasing, coupled with the effects of drought and extreme temperatures, it’s clear there are further challenges ahead in terms of adapting and ensuring communities are equipped to better withstand the impacts. While steps have been taken in Australian housing architecture to better enable resilience and cope with bushfires, there is still a wayRead More →

The greatest validation for long term agreements in the business of Management and Letting Rights (MLR) is that the vast majority of resident managers are granted top-ups – that is extensions on the term of their MLR agreements. Why? Because those resident managers make continual improvements to a scheme in a way that off-site managers could never achieve. Owners are happy to give resident managers these top-ups as a reward for their performance. There are great economic benefits to a scheme that has an on-site manager with a long-term agreement, and there are also benefits you cannot put a price on – the services thatRead More →