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The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) says it’s disappointed that the Property Law Bill has been prematurely introduced into Parliament while there’s still material matters to be worked through. The Bill seeks to implement a formal seller disclosure regime in Queensland. REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella said while the real estate peak body supported the introduction of a uniform statutory seller disclosure regime, this support was subject to the establishment of appropriate disclosure parameters and reasonable costs and accessibility to information associated with disclosure requirements. The REIQ has raised a number of concerns with the proposed legislation including: – impractical and unnecessarily complex requirements associatedRead More →

There’s nothing fishy about odour control solutions for your complex. Be it a holiday or permanent complex, having a reliable, discreet, affordable odour management system in place will make your complex as fresh as a daisy and as a caretaker, you’ll smell like roses to your committee. Actualised Industries are a proud Australian company whose founders have worked in management rights themselves and understand how important their products are for onsite managers. I sat down with Russel Beeston, the CEO this week, to see him demonstrate some of his products and systems first-hand. They are impressive, rugged, and compact. All the fragrances he has sourcedRead More →

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The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) says calls from tenants’ advocates for rent control in Queensland is a short-sighted solution to a complex problem. REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella said rent control would not be a panacea for the rental crisis and would likely have the opposite effect and exacerbate challenging rental conditions. “We are acutely aware of the devastating impacts of the rental crisis and against that backdrop, it’s understandable that some tenants’ advocates are proposing rent control as a solution – but rent control is not the panacea that many argue it to be,” she said. “It’s clear Queensland does not have sufficientRead More →

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We have talked in the past about our view that we are moving into a tighter credit environment in which bank lending guidelines will become stricter. We also talked about challenges existing borrowers are having with annual business loan reviews and extended interest only periods. I am less than delighted to announce that for once our predications have come to fruition. Daily feedback from borrowers suggests that times are indeed becoming challenging both for new borrowers and for existing operators. To be frank some of the concerns raised with us are of the borrower’s own making and reflect a lack of understanding of the termsRead More →

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Our Brisbane broker Frank Matus says opportunity exists for buyers and sellers in a buoyant market — but you have to be nimble. When I started with ResortBrokers a year ago, the industry was still emerging from COVID. Uncertainty was in the air and multipliers were soaring. Real estate prices were skyrocketing thanks to the great migration from the southern states – over 50,000 new residents flocked to our state in the year to June 2022.  While management rights operators felt the capital growth in their real estate, many of these new residents moved into their investment units creating downward pressure on letting pools. SomeRead More →

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There’s more to managing risk than insurance 6 pillars of managing risk in a service based business There’s not much in life that comes without risk – whether it’s starting a business, or even just crossing a road. When it comes to running your business, the biggest risk in your mind is probably not making a profit. However, events such as a client tripping over and injuring themselves while at your premises, or having legal action taken against you due to advice you provided are also incidents that can have a substantial impact on your business. While you might hold insurance to help cover youRead More →

I’d like to remind ARAMA members again that the industry survey conducted by international accountancy group Deloitte demonstrated better returns for owners from properties managed under the Management & Letting Rights model. Overall, the survey responses indicated that a resident manager acting in the role of an on-site letting agent delivers a better weekly rental return than an outside agent. The Resident Manager also performs the caretaking functions in a more cost-effective manner when compared to other professional outside alternatives. The Deloitte Survey is available as a four page fact sheet to members from the ARAMA website library. One of the most striking outcomes fromRead More →