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Contributed By: Mikolai Napieralski on

Editor’s Note: I stumbled across this tongue-in-cheek piece of Gold Coast hospitality nostalgia from last decade. It was written in a street press magazine called Team Evil and I thought I’d share with our readers for a bit of a laugh and reminisce at the colourful old Gold Coast motels, few of which have since survived. I have fond memories of staying at the original Pink Poodle when I was young and poor… good times! If you’re in the mood for further laughs, I’d highly recommend the author’s new book; God Willing; as he recounts his adventures working as a museum curator in the Middle EastRead More →

Those who know me well will attest to my obsession with detail. I think the psychiatrists call it being anally retentive, not a particularly pleasant vision to be sure. The managing director calls it a mild mental disorder manifesting itself in a capacity to be a complete pain in the posterior. I justify the way my head works by a need to be highly organised and a desire to drift off each night knowing those I rely on and trust are equally diligent. Yes, my desk is uncluttered and everything has its place. Failure to return said thing to its rightful spot will be punishableRead More →

Contributed By: Nick Gorrell, InnerVision Media on

Facebook have just released a new low cost, standalone VR headset called the Oculus Go which is set to significantly spread the adoption of virtual reality technology. We received our new headset delivered directly from the USA yesterday and early tests show that access to virtual property tours, accessed through are very easy, slick and offer excellent viewing quality. The Oculus Go will be a game changer for VR and is expected to be widely adopted very rapidly, soon there will be millions of people online searching for, and increasingly expecting/demanding, high quality virtual content. If there was ever a time to consider enhancingRead More →

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Article originally appears on the HiRUM industry blog What is bundling? Bundling is the term used when property managers roll all of their management services into a single, ‘overall’ commission fee, rather than charging owners a separate amount or commission rate for each sub-service. For example, as a property manager, you would traditionally charge your owners for the below services, as dictated by your body corporate agreement: Management fee: 12% of gross tariffs Marketing fee: 3% of gross tariffs Merchant fees: 2% of gross tariffs Housekeeping fees: $40/clean Linen costs: $3/bed/booking Guest amenities: $10/guest Spring cleaning: $250/year Foxtel: $35/month PABX: $30/month Normally, these charges wouldRead More →

Contributed By: Mike Phipps Finance on

If you read the papers you will no doubt have seen lots of press coverage of the ongoing investigations into our banks. What we have at present is a two-pronged process with a royal commission investigating potential misconduct and the Productivity Commission investigating competition, or lack thereof, within the banking sector.  Both processes appear to be primarily focused on consumer lending as regulated under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act, albeit commercial and business lending will no doubt get some attention in due course. Needless to say, finance brokers have been caught up in the various enquiries and the press have been none to kindRead More →

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Calvin Bailey is proud to welcome Alex Barker-Ré on board. Alex joins Calvin Bailey Management Rights with a wealth of management rights experience. Selling Management Rights From 2001 to 2011 Alex represented Venz Management Rights Specialists as their North Queensland Sales Director. Working with one of the largest management rights brokers at the time, Alex was responsible for every aspect of selling management rights. Alex was responsible for selling tens of millions worth of MLR businesses and associated property. An experienced Management Rights Operator From 2001 to date Alex has managed and owned eight different management rights properties, from the Gold Coast to Port Douglas and Cairns. His knowledge of the industry is second to none – having hands on experience of permanent and holiday lettingRead More →

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Brisbane, 19 April 2018 – CBRE Hotels is expanding its hotel division with a new Management Rights service line following the appointment of Shane Mullins as a dedicated specialist in the field. Mr Mullins, who has more than 10 years’ experience in the hospitality sector, will lead the new Management Rights business line, which specialises in the management and letting of strata titled units on the Eastern Seaboard. Wayne Bunz, National Director of CBRE Hotels, commented on the team’s expanded capability; “We are extremely excited to welcome Shane to the team. Shane’s extensive knowledge in the management rights space further complements the comprehensive hospitality expertiseRead More →

Contributed By: Wesley Venz on

Residential sales tactics often include advertising listings at a lower price, whether for sales or auction purposes, in order to attract enquiry and then manipulating emotions to attempt to have a potential buyer bid or pay a higher amount than they had originally intended. However, Management Rights listings work in reverse. The prices advertised are normally higher than what the agent or seller realistically expect to achieve. It’s important to acknowledge that the real estate industry isn’t all smoke and mirrors – most agents are not intentionally out there to do the wrong thing. But the tactic of over quoting multipliers to get listings hasRead More →