March 2016

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In the lead up to the GFC if you were upright and breathing and had a deposit you could borrow money. The banks were very excited about the way things were going and not a lot of attention was paid to the capacity of the borrower to successfully operate the asset being purchased. After all, the economy wasgoing gang busters, the miners were having a great old time, what could possibly go wrong ? My, how things have changed !The past few years have seen a steady tightening of credit policy among the banks with particular focus on new entrants to business with management rightsRead More →

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There are two issues relating to Management Rights sales, which are at the moment causing concern to Buyers and Sellers of Management Rights, and Body Corporate committees, and their legal advisors. Recently there seems to be an upsurge in the number of bodies corporate not approving buyers of Management Rights to take over Caretaking and Letting Agreements. This seems to have coincided with an increase in the number of Asian buyers. Of course, as a result of Australian anti discrimination laws, race, marital status, age, and a number of other factors, cannot be taken into account in making such decisions. In acting for buyers ofRead More →

We are definitely seeing more and more management rights businesses being created without the need to own a piece of real estate with them. This is particularly the case in new off the plan developments. Some of these are large enough to be purely standalone businesses, but most of them in smaller schemes seem to be designed to be able to operate on a standalone basis, but also as a ‘bolt on’ to an existing management rights business. We have written previously about things you need to consider when thinking about separating your management lot from your management rights business here. The key theme thereRead More →

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It’s becoming an all-too-frequent occurrence these days that photographers contact us, quite upset, because someone has violated their copyright on images and floor plans in property marketing. When we contact the manager to inform them of the breach, the response is invariably the statement: “but the vendor / owner / previous manager gave those images to me to use!” Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth and managers are often shocked to discover this. Under copyright law in Australia, copyright exists automatically once an artist creates a work, be it a photo, drawing, video, etc. Copyright grants the original artist the right to reproduce orRead More →