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A Property Manager’s ticket to freedom   HiRUM Software Solutions announces the launch of ‘HiRUM Anywhere’ today, a property management solution which will redefine the accommodation Industry. ‘HiRUM Anywhere’ has been designed to give Property Managers complete freedom, offering them the opportunity to access critical business information whilst on the go.  No longer will they be required to have access to a computer or the internet in order to keep an eye on their business. The benefits of the technology created by HiRUM is that it is ‘Mobile First’ not traditional ‘Cloud’. This allows the software to be accessed even without internet connectivity or power; and is designedRead More →

Think back to a time when websites were merely an imaginary idea, rather like the concept cars of the future, considered impossible by the masses. Most couldn’t even visualize Google, it was just a funny word, spoken but rarely understood. Most of us couldn’t picture in our minds how a customer in the United States might be able to tap a few keys on his keyboard to book a hotel in Australia. How could that possibly happen without a phone or a fax? And just what was this thing called the Internet that none of us could see but which was creating immense wealth forRead More →

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Management Rights usually operate on the basis that the Manager acts strictly as a Letting Agent for the unit owners who wish to let out their units on a permanent or holiday let basis. However, in some cases Managers have been entering into what is commonly known in the industry as “lease back” agreements with some unit owners.  This involves the Manager agreeing to pay the unit owner a guaranteed rent on the basis that the Manager is entitled to keep all income received from renting out the unit. Lease back arrangements may be considered by some Managers and unit owners to be more commerciallyRead More →

To embrace Airbnb or not this is the question? We are seeing more articles in the media recently about this controversial topic and onsite managers are starting to ask the question “How can we protect our investment?” The team here at TCM Strata hear you and want to help you un puzzle the puzzle. With engaging information sharing from our panel of experts covering insurances, legal, taxation & financials through to working with your Body Corporate manager and hearing from an onsite manager that has embraced this new wave of accommodation sharing.Read More →