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If you’re a resident unit manager (RUM) of a property, chances are that you are exposed to a unique set of risks that an insurance policy may be able to assist in managing.  The policy should offer coverage for risks typically faced by professionals in your industry. The three risks resident unit managers are likely to face include the risk of damage or injury to a third party in a common area, the risk of allegations that you did not correctly fulfil your professional services role resulting in a financial loss for a third party, and risks of third-party property damage like fire, water damageRead More →

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For Management Rights owners, remaining compliant with governing standards is an essential business and licensing requirement – regardless whether you are a seasoned operator or new to the industry. As operators, your business is required to be audited twice per year in accordance with the Property Occupations Act 2014 and the Agents Financial Administration Act 2014, therefore a lack of systemisation to support this process or failing to identify & rectify mistakes which commonly occur can be a costly & lengthy endeavor. We’ve highlighted some of the common mistakes we come across on Trust Account audits, helping ensure similar issues don’t arise for your business in the future. NotRead More →

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“It’s the vibe of it. It’s the constitution. It’s Mabo. It’s justice. It’s law. It’s the vibe and ah, no, that’s it. It’s the vibe. I rest my case”Dennis Denuto, Lawyer for the embattled Kerrigan family.The Castle, 1997 Australian Movie Classic. By the time you read this, dear comrades, we will either have the same government we have today, a new majority labour government or, God help us, a coalition of the mad, the bad, the misguided and the plain crazy. However, the numbers fall we can be sure of one inescapable truth, we live in a world where facts no longer matter and theRead More →