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Your investment property could be at serious risk of damage with a new trend of tenants holiday letting rooms or the entire property through Airbnb on a per night basis. This can significantly increase the risk of damage and security of your property without the extra reward for you as the landlord. In other words your tenant could be making extra income from your property but you are wearing the risk. Legislation governing tenancy agreements is outdated as most of it was written before Airbnb existed. So you need to be proactive and start protecting yourself. Quick disclaimer first. I am not a lawyer soRead More →

We have all seen the show “Undercover Boss”. There have been two instances over the past 2 years that I have placed myself in the relief management/temp world as an “undercover boss”. What is it really like to be a relief manager? “Easy” you’d think. You just come in, do your job, leave at the end of the contract and get paid well. You are greatly mistaken. When I first put the feelers out about starting Real Strategix Relief Management Program it happened by sheer accident. As you quite possibly know I am a Trainer. I have over 15 years’ experience in all aspects ofRead More →

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American cowboy Will Rogers uttered the famous quote: ‘It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute.’ In Management Rights it’s not just your reputation that must be built, but that of the complex as well – this can be particularly problematic when a complex is purchased from a less-than-perfect, former manager. Many onsite managers to-be will seek out businesses with a very small internal letting pool and a large number of outside agents. This situation is often symptomatic of an incompetent manager who has lost the trust of investors and is selling an under performing business. If it can beRead More →

Brisbane Airport Corporation invited TheOnsiteManager along to their community workshop to talk about their latest projects, how they are being implemented and what they mean for tourism businesses in Queensland. Over the next decade, BAC are investing $3.8 Billion into new infrastructure projects. International travel is growing at a rate of 6% PA presently and the corporation wants to ensure the Brisbane Airport offers a world-class facility that can accommodate this continued growth. The first thing that they pointed out was the New Parallel Runway (NPR) project. Paul Koglan, their lead project manager, tells us it will be operational within 4 years. Currently, the airportRead More →

In our business we spend a lot of time with new clients as they go through the journey of discovery that leads to the decision to purchase an accommodation business. That process can take weeks, months and sometimes years. Because we don’t charge fees to clients we certainly hope that one day they borrow some money and we make a few dollars. However, we have a duty of care to put the clients’ interests rest and if that means helping them to not make a bad decision then so be it. At some point in our work with new clients a suitable asset will beRead More →