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This is not an introduction. It is the actual first half-day of our 2-day training. The actual value is $495 (JUST $49). This workshop is exclusively available to onsite managers and will give you the tools to create wealth through a Management Rights business, achieve a generous cash flow & have the free time & flexibility to enjoy a balanced lifestyle. WE’LL COVER: Dealing with ‘Outside Agents’ Navigating ‘Body Corporates’ Running a ‘Proactive’ Business VS a ‘Reactive’ Business Getting that Work Life Balance Building your ‘Rent Roll’ Streamlining the ‘Property Management Process’ Earning Additional income Maximising your fees Dealing with the 5 key ‘Objections’ Managing Owners & Tenants with EASE PreventingRead More →

Finding a good relief manager is difficult, finding a great one is rare! I will ask you this, how much is your business worth in the hands of someone else? When we receive a phone call from a client requesting a relief manager and they ask how the process works, the one thing I am always upfront about is – “you will not be 100% satisfied as I guarantee they will do something incorrect” – this generally gets a gasp down the phone but I then explain the reason behind it is simple…. “they are not you”. You have run your resort for a numberRead More →

Having grown up as a boy in Melbourne, before coming to the Gold Coast where I have been in our law practice for many, many years, I still have an interest in Melbourne and a curiosity as to how different the Management Rights situation is in both cities. I have realised that on the Gold Coast we freely integrate our tourists with our resident population and celebrate the tourist industry as a great feature, benefiting both residents and tourists alike. We have a very compatible resident and tourist use of our buildings particular because of our form of Management Rights where the on-site Caretaker andRead More →

Back in the day when I was a bank manager one of the marketing strategies the banks employed from time to time was pre-approved finance for home buyers. Basically we collected information from the client and gave them a letter saying they could borrow up to a certain amount subject to a formal finance application and a full credit assessment. The letter was not a finance approval and carried no obligation on behalf of the bank. In other words it was pretty much useless except that it did give potential home buyers an idea of their likely maximum loan and therefore what maximum purchase priceRead More →