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Contributed By: Archer Gowland Redshaw and Vanessa Sciortino on

For our latest episode focusing on the Management Rights industry, Chris Lewis and Smiljan Jankovic (Management Rights Specialist, Archer Gowland Redshaw) host Vanessa Sciortino – Special Counsel, Nicholsons Solicitors. Throughout the episode, Vanessa & Smiljan provide the latest best-practice insights from a legal and accounting perspective involving Management Rights complexes. Across the discussion, each highlight the common issues associated with top-ups & exercising options (and the differences between the two), renewal strategies where a manager may find themselves in a dispute with their Body Corporate, the purchase process including the Body Corporate consent process, whether or not claw-back clauses continue to be relevant, and how best to support new entrants in theRead More →

Contributed By: Kristine Lehmann of Lehmann Rights on

Kristine Lehmann, the principal of Lehmann Rights has kindly provided us with a series of really great industry discussions between herself and a number of industry leading experts. These are great, easily digestible 5 minute chats that offer some wonderful and current insight for those in and looking to enter this market. We’ll be bringing you a new one of these with each issue for the next couple of months.Read More →

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Before we begin. If you are an eternal optimist who never lets facts and history get in the way of your positive attitude perhaps return to Chrystal Karma Weekly and give this little story a miss. And now, let’s begin. We find ourselves in a unique situation. Never before in modern times have we seen a pandemic of the magnitude of the current Covid crisis. Of course, by magnitude I refer to the actual damage the virus has caused as compared to the damage the reaction to it has visited upon us. It turns out the interconnected world has its downside. I make the pointRead More →

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As I contemplate an attempt to make some sense in this article there’s an old English expression thatsprings to mind.“May you live in interesting times” is claimed to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse. Whileseemingly a blessing, the expression is normally used ironically; life is better in “uninteresting times” thanin “interesting” ones, which are usually times of trouble. Talk about ironic alright.Anyway, I digress.Rather than write my usual meandering stream of consciousness I’ve decided to cut to the chase andoutline some specific thoughts that might hopefully assist buyers to navigate a management rightspurchase in a world of apparent uncertainty.The Fundamentals Have Not ChangedWhileRead More →

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Reader warning. In order for this to make sense best to read the previous bulletin if you haven’t already done so.  Then again, if you are used to my stream of consciousness rants press on regardless! We left things last month with observations around bank activity during Covid, a consumer culture of low responsibility and some sense that banks need to provide alternate options for clients who are prepared to pay for it. Let’s digress for a moment.  As many of you will know I am a student of the motor industry. That is, I love cars and have a history of making “investment” decisionsRead More →

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Those of you who follow this column (a sure indication of nothing better to do) may recall recent mention of the so-called Wagyu and Shiraz case. For those who do have better things to do here’s a quick snapshot from that article: Following the banking royal commission living expense tests, which can have a significant impact on debt service capacity outcomes, have moved to a more individual level rather than a standard allowance as was previously the case. This has led to borrowers being compelled to detail living costs in great detail and lenders to trawl through bank statements in some bizarre attempt to establishRead More →

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Maximising Your Price and Minimising Stress When listing your management rights for sale it is important to appreciate that much of the information you provide will ultimately inform buyer offers and support a bank finance application. The more accurate and complete the information provided from the outset the more confident a buyer can be and the less chance of challenges as the process unfolds. The maxim in valuation has always been certainty = value, so it stands to reason that accurate and detailed listing information will attract the most appealing offers. In our business we use the listing information to pre-qualify buyers so any errorsRead More →

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Before we begin… a caveat… by the time you read this the content may be out of date. In fact, by the time I’ve finished typing it might be old news.  In fact, I’ve now written this article 3 times.  Each time I complete the task and head off to bed having once again dodged the dreaded deadline extension.  Each morning I awake to new news, some good, some bad.  It’s like Groundhog Day with a twist.  I awake to the same day but with a few bizarre nuances.  Yesterday I was going to comment on the positives of reopening borders, today Victoria reinstates limitedRead More →

I’ve been writing these bulletins for many years now and inevitably one runs out of interesting stuff to say.  Most months I build a mental picture of what I’m going to write about, procrastinate until the deadline date and then frantically try to render what’s in my head into something comprehensible. I often find it difficult to find things to write about, hence the sometimes rabbling social commentary and hopefully amusing anecdotes. In fact, the only time it’s easy to come up with content is when something extraordinary happens. Something like a global financial crisis, a surprise election outcome or a pandemic.  In recent timesRead More →

I remember after the GFC I said something like, wow, now I’ve seen everything.   Wrong! We understand that these are challenging times.  I use the term challenging because really scary and uncertain just sounds too confronting! Please know that we are here for our clients and indeed anyone who needs us.  Having said that the banks have indicated that to expedite positive outcomes they are dealing directly with broker introduced borrowers and that’s fine.  If you need to us to support your case and liaise with your banker, we are here.  If you feel your bank is not stepping up please understand that they areRead More →