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Last week I met (virtually) with the Brisbane based software development start-up, Hutly (formerly known as Igloo) responsible for the development of a system called One Touch for RealWorks. They gave me a pre-launch preview of One Touch to discuss its suitability for our onsite managers. I was impressed and excited by what I saw, and am convinced this will rapidly become the industry standard for tenancy agreements. In an Australian first, this incredible system allows, at no cost, tenancy agreements to be issued and signed digitally. Once a lease agreement has been completed by the onsite manager in RealWorks, they send this to theRead More →

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Get filming, as you can start uploading your digital inspections today! These will appear within the ‘inspections’ section on your Buy and Rent listings on the from today, and the App in coming weeks.  Samples of walk throughs – Sale property property Tips on creating a great digital inspection – Lighting and external noise Keep it short Captions Must be in YouTube format Remember our photographers can produce these for you very affordably. Ask me about this service on 0407769944 How to load your video or a 3D tour to your listing – Simply load these into the Virtual Tour or Include Video fields at the bottom of the photographyRead More →

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Your Small Business Borrower Rights Wow, how time flies. Would you believe it’s just over a year since the tabling of the Final Report of the Banking Royal Commission (it’s got a way longer official name, but you know what I’m talking about). I’m sure you would all agree that we are certainly enjoying the positive outcomes of the millions spent with fast and effective credit processes, improved banking industry culture and transparency and a customer interest first approach… or maybe not. In any event the circus that was the royal commission did divert attention from an earlier report that, for business borrowers, has farRead More →

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Patrick Bell from FNX Finance has released his 9th series snapshot based on database. His analysis below: Management Rights For Sale – Market Analysis January 2020 Letting Pool Coverage – proportion of the total units to those within the Pool. Agreement Coverage – refers to % of total agreement term available upon purchase.Read More →

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One of ResortBrokers best performing agents has made a move from her previous patch in far North Queensland to set up as a management rights specialist on the Sunshine Coast. In the three years she’s been with ResortBrokers in the far north, Chenoa has racked up an impressive $28 million in sales from 19 deals and is now looking to continue that success in her new zone. She joins ResortBrokers Senior Executive Glenn Millar as the company’s second specialist on the Sunshine Coast. Her track record speaks for itself. In November 2019, Chenoa achieved the highest multiplier (above 4.5X) in her region in recent yearsRead More →

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I sit on a BC Committee for a complex in Teneriffe that has 97 lots in the building. Each lot has underground car spaces that are on-title (ie: Not common property). The car spaces are in a secure parking garage, but they are open-plan (not individually enclosed). Over the years the committee has struggled significantly to keep parking garage clean of refuse and debris that lot owners and their tenants bring into their car space and store there. Everything from old couches, cardboard boxes, tool chests to rusting car bodies is being housed in various car spaces and making a real mess of the complex.Read More →

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Yes – that’s right.  Chris Irons is starting with us, as reported in the Courier Mail. As the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management for the past five years, Chris has been at the centre of the strata industry in Queensland. Every major issue at the core of strata in Queensland has been across his desk. His move to join Hynes Legal has been gestating for some time because it is a serious step for all concerned. It is not something that has been undertaken without a lot of planning and thought.  The community around strata (and in that we include everyone from lot owners, committees, strata managers andRead More →

Contributed By: Nick Buick on (REA) recently unveiled a new feature aimed to improve the user experience for prospective tenants. It’s called the HIDE feature, and it’s available on their live portal right now, I’m bringing it up because it has the potential to impact how we go about marketing rentals. The feedback REA received from prospective tenants was they were sick and tired of seeing the same listings over and over again, every time they did a rental search. REA’s rather novel solution, was to create a feature where if ANY listing started to annoy a tenant, they can simply click HIDE and *poof* the listing vanishes fromRead More →

Dear Nick,I posted a listing last week and I can’t find it when I search for it on! Why is it not on there?!Signed,Every Onsite Manager. This is an email I receive several times a day. It happens so often I decided to write an article about it. Firstly, it always pays to provide the LISTING ID for specific issues. It is the number shown on every listing and it will start with a 39xxxx (sometimes 38xxxxx if it’s an older one). This listing ID is like a serial number for your listing. It is unique to every single listing. You can have 200Read More →

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The business is solely owned and operated by Andrea. With over 30 years in the Management Rights (MR) industry, she brings vast knowledge, experience and expansive connections within the industry. These specialists include Financier’s, Accountants, Advertising Experts and Lawyers. Her many years in the sales industry focusing solely on the sales and settlements of MR, has given her a very comprehensive list of successful transactions. Andrea was first introduced to the MR industry in 1987 when her family purchased their first MR business. During the 6 years of operation, she became fully conversant with all aspects of the business. Through living and managing this “on siteRead More →