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We often hear complaints from our clients that when they attend Tribunal and /or Court, that they are not awarded any compensation, for instance, for the time taken to prepare an application to Tribunal/Court, or for the time taken in attendance at the Tribunal/Court. Many Property Managers have stated to us that when at Tribunal/Court they have applied for these items as compensation but it has been rejected. Certainly the management agreement between your agency and the landlord provides that the landlord will be responsible for your professional costs in preparation and attendance at Tribunal/Court, however the fact is that that agreement is between youRead More →

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If you are reading this chances are you are thinking of buying an accommodation business or you already operate one. For the purposes of what I am going to talk about in this article let’s confine our thoughts to freehold and leasehold motels and caravan parks. The object here is to contemplate the various strategies that are worth thinking about as part of the purchase process. Let’s start with the most common transaction we see and that is the purchase of a leasehold. By far the majority of our clients use a company acting as trustee for a discretionary trust. They do this for aRead More →

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Did you know you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in tax deductions by not taking advantage of your depreciation entitlements? The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows the owners of income producing properties to claim depreciation deductions relating to the wear and tear of the building structure and the plant and equipment assets it contains. By claiming depreciation, hotel and motel owners essentially will reduce their taxable income, therefore they will pay less cash. What’s more, the fee to obtain a tax depreciation schedule outlining all of the deductions available to be claimed is 100% tax deductible. You could be missing out on:Read More →

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In the Management Rights Industry, many building managers enter into Agreements with people who they consider to be independent contractors. Some of these “contractors” may attend to a number of the duties that are required of the Manager, pursuant to a Caretaking or Letting Agreement. However, it is important to be aware that even though the parties may consider themselves to be in a principal/independent contractor agreement, the relationship may, according to the law, be that of an employer and employee. The distinction is important because there are significant consequences if the true legal relationship is misinterpreted. For example, an employer is responsible for remitting group tax, paying statutoryRead More →

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A lot of what we do at TheOnsiteManager, is market complex rentals, and residential sales for onsite managers like you. In fact our office markets thousands of listings per year for onsite managers. So it’s safe to say, we do a lot of marketing. One of the questions I get asked time and again by our managers is how to generate more enquiries from marketing. Here’s what I’ve learned. The first thing to remember is that’s search results are very clean. In fact there’s only 2 things you can edit that display in the search results: the rent (or sale price) and the main photograph.Basically, thoseRead More →

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Body corporate disputes can become very emotional things. This is the story of one of those. If there is one article you read this year from us, make it this one – because it is the most significant strata case in Queensland since the High Court’s decision on building defects. If you’ve spent any longer than five minutes in strata land, you come to realise that the single most important aspect of any body corporate is its requirement to act reasonably. We have written repeatedly about that, with the most recent newsletter here. In October last year, you may recall the story of a manRead More →

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Unfortunately, in this day and age, it is almost necessary for an Onsite Manager or leasing consultant to complete a course in self-defence along with their registration. I began asking Onsite Managers if any have had scary encounters whilst at a tenant’s premises. Statistically speaking, 1 in 5 had some sort of scare. I personally, have been pushed against a wall, whilst carrying out an exit inspection, by the outgoing tenant. This drew me to the conclusion to NEVER agree to conduct the inspection with them present. Routine inspections, if carried out correctly, should be fairly straight forward and the tenant should, in most instances,Read More →

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MR Sales are proud to welcome another full time broker with a strong team player attitude to the team. Highly skilled in sales negotiation, problem solving and relationship management, Brad is also experienced in owning and operating management rights in QLD. Brad is well regarded in the industry as a creative thinker, and as someone who gets things moving and gets things done. Following a successful career in corporate marketing and management in Australia and overseas Brad, now a Sunshine Coast local, is a passionate management rights advocate whose mission is to bring buyer and seller together for mutual benefit. Brad’s qualifications include: Licensed Real Estate Agent QLDRead More →

Whether it is routine maintenance, emergency repairs, lease renewals or property vacancies, you will always have the landlord asking you to explain the necessity and costs involved. Property Management over the last decade has become much harder, and time consuming, as legislation has changed and people are taking others to tribunal over the smallest of things. The first lease I prepared was in 1997. It was typed on a typewriter with carbon copies, and there was no such thing as inventories, CMA’s or online bookings. If someone had told me that in 18 years’ time that we would be arranging smoke alarms to be checked for every new lease IRead More →

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As a new service to our onsite managers we have begun compiling a library of useful documents that assist in the day-to-day running of Management Rights. We’ve compiled these documents into a single location accessed under your account drop-down. Simply login and select USEFUL FORMS from the dropdown. Here you’ll find: The latest Form6 authority ready to give to your new owners and vendors to transact sales and manage listings. A pre-completed Form6 authorizing our agency to act. A blank Contract Of Sale document to sell community titled lots (ie: units) A blank Contract Of Sale document to sell a house A Tenant Application FormRead More →