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We all know the Internet has come along in leaps and bounds in the last decade.  But just how far have we come in terms of convenience and security? When ‘The Cloud’ became a reality a few years back, many managers breathed a sigh of relief at the idea their information was safe and sound in a cushion of floating security, where they were no longer restricted to accessing what they needed whenever they needed it. No longer would they lose data or private information if their hard-drive crashed, and no longer did they have to transport that information everywhere they went. All of aRead More →

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Throughout the year, unit owners are issued with a number of body corporate meeting notices. These notices could include information related to committee meetings, voting outside of committee meetings (known as flying minutes), and the annual general meeting. Current legislation specifies these notices must be issued within certain timeframes, which range from 7 – 21 days (including postage) from the date of the meeting. This timing ensures that unit owners and committee members have enough time to consider the contents of the notice to make informed decisions. The information in the annual general meeting notice is essential to unit owners, as it contains details about body corporate levies forRead More →