Body corporate insurance is arguably the most important aspect of building management, but when it comes to using it, it can be difficult to understand what’s covered and what’s not. The basic principle of strata insurance is to provide cover for common property and the building’s structure. This means that the body corporate is responsible for all common areas and the structural elements of the building. Owners are typically responsible for the internal contents of their unit. There are some circumstances where the body corporate can provide cover for internal fixtures if they are classified as part of the building’s structure. For example, if an owner’s hot water systemRead More →

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There is an entrenched belief in the industry that property market trends in Sydney and Melbourne tend to precede activity in the Queensland markets. The market in Brisbane and the Gold Coast has historically seen an upturn in property sales volumes as the southern markets ‘overheat’ and property values increase to the point where they are no longer seen as sustainable or affordable. Property investors then turn to markets where they perceive greater prospect of capital growth and return is available. However at the moment we are seeing strength in the apartment markets of Sydney, NSW; Melbourne, Victoria and southern QLD in both Brisbane andRead More →

A couple of years ago, someone put me onto this little-known app called Netflix. Within about 15 minutes of having my TV connected to Netflix, I picked up the phone, called Foxtel, and cancelled my subscription on the spot… the $9.95 a month account that I’d opened on Netflix offered thousands of hours of on-demand, commercial-free entertainment, and had instantly removed the need for my $100 a month, ad-ridden, rerun-filled Foxtel account, forever. I’ve never looked back. These businesses are called disruptive innovators, or disruptors. They don’t create new markets they simply evolve existing markets and cause a disruption to the existing businesses trading inRead More →

Significant opportunities are now available in regional Australia for experienced, resourceful motel operators willing to back their own judgment and ability. Amid the fallout after the mining construction boom, fortune will indeed favour the bold. Many strong regional towns suffered a dramatic downturn as mining construction declined. Motels that experienced outstanding trading during the resource-fuelled boom, now find a remarkable high has been followed by a demoralising low. Some who reaped considerable benefits during the good times have, sadly, had their spirits knocked by the downturn. Understandably, they are ready and eager to sell and move on. So, as one door closes, another door opens.Read More →

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Winward Apartments Mooloolaba. Think Management Rights Team would like to congratulate the new managers of Winward Apartments Mooloolaba Neville and Gloria Dyne. Neville and Gloria have extensive experience in Hospitality and administration and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Management Rights Industry and are looking forward to the challenge with the assistance of the Wayne & Linda Stoll and the Think Management Rights team with a combined 50 years of experience and knowledge. We would like to personally thank Wayne & Linda in assisting us finding the right property, once we briefed the TMR team they then worked diligently with us andRead More →

I write this month’s missive at 40,000 feet returning from across the ditch after a series of pretty successful management rights seminars in New Zealand. Aeroplanes are great places to write these articles as there is bugger all else to do and just how many re – runs of Two and A Half Men can one man watch anyway ? The Kiwis seem keen enough about Aussie management rights and certainly the exchange rate is very tempting having improved dramatically over the past year. Interest rates still look a bit high in NZ and the question everyone asks is “what’s happening with the Australian domesticRead More →

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Everyone (probably) knows that there are a maximum of seven voting committee positions for a committee formed under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (BCCM Act).  These are the chairperson, the secretary, the treasurer and then four ‘ordinary’ committee positions. The question that sometimes arises is what each of these people are responsible for. It is quite interesting (and perhaps that’s just the lawyer in us) in terms of what most committees fall back to as a default position as against what the BCCM Act actually prescribes. Those default positions are not necessarily the legislative requirements. The first distinction to draw is between executive committeeRead More →